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From inspiration to impact: Crafting strategies that connect, engage and empower.

At Bolster Consultants, we're catalysts for change. Rooted in health and education, our expertise elevates strategies and sparks engagement. We blend listening with collaboration to drive impactful transformations across various industries, functions, and organizations.



Strategic Planning

Diving into strengths, needs, and challenges, we pinpoint and identify goals and strategies required for growth and progress for organizations and leaders.


Stakeholder Engagement

Centering stakeholder experience to meaningfully contribute to planning, design, policy, programs, and services.


Program Development

Creating, revising, or refreshing programs from innovation to evaluation that serve your client's needs. 


Leadership Development

Guiding leaders and teams to create inclusive environments where all employees thrive.



At Bolster Consultants, we are rooted in education, public health, and adolescent development. We carry years of diverse experience working with nonprofits, startups, and large organizations. Whether consulting collaboratively or individually, we strive to innovate, create strong relationships, and make meaningful outcomes. Curious, fun, and driven by impact, we bring our expertise, passion, and dedication to help you achieve your goals. 

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Carly has led a successful boutique consultancy for the last 13 years where she has advised startups, large companies and non-profits in youth engagement, strategic planning and wellness. A visionary public health and education leader as well as a nationally board certified functional medicine coach, Carly has championed large youth based health and community engagement initiatives . Carly combines on-the-ground concepts encountered in her early career as an educator with the knowledge of systems change and community engagement to establish effective strategies to help create brands for youth, engaging content, and strategy to promote overall health, wellbeing and self-care.

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With over 20 years of experience in education, youth development, and non-profit leadership, Anna has dedicated her career to working with people impacted by health and education inequities. Anna brings deep experience leading large teams, designing and implementing programs, leading strategic planning, and engaging with the community and other stakeholders to influence planning, design, and implementation. She always strives for social justice and positive change in our systems, institutions, and communities through her work, authentic relationships, and partnerships.



Bolster Consultants


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